The Self-Intelligence Network Global Industry Summit hosted by TM Forum was successfully held

March 13, 2024
Latest company news about The Self-Intelligence Network Global Industry Summit hosted by TM Forum was successfully held
[Barcelona, Spain, March 13, 2024] During the exhibition in Barcelona, the Self-Intelligence Network Global Industry Summit, hosted by TM Forum, was successfully held. Industry leaders including TM Forum CTO George Glass, Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, Yang Chaobin, Director of Huawei and President of ICT Products and Solutions, Juan Manuel Caro, Self-Intelligence Network Director of Telefonica, Aurelio Nocerino, Managing Director of Accenture, Eduardo Panciera, VP of Telecommunications Networks and Services Technology at Telecom Argentina, and Ouyang Ye, CTO of AsiaInfo, jointly launched the initiative towards Level 4 self-intelligence networks.
The L4 self-intelligence network industry initiative aims to promote the global-scale application of Level 4 self-intelligence networks by strengthening industry cooperation, accelerating application innovation, and incubating commercial scenarios. To achieve this, industry stakeholders will focus on three main directions, working together to advance the telecommunications industry towards advanced self-intelligence networks: Firstly, accelerating L4 innovation and planning to facilitate commercial implementation; Secondly, speeding up the development of L4 standards to promote multi-vendor interoperable standards supporting key L4 technologies; Thirdly, accelerating L4 technological breakthroughs to drive research and breakthroughs in key technologies such as fusion perception, intent-driven closed-loop, digital twins, generative AI, and native intelligence.
At the summit, representatives from TM Forum, China Mobile, and Huawei shared their respective strategies, values, and industry collaborations in self-intelligence networks, collectively guiding the direction of industry development. Representatives from companies such as Accenture, GSMA, Telecom Argentina, Orange, and others discussed the implementation methods, systems, progress, and achievements of self-intelligence networks, providing rich practical experiences for the industry.
TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts stated, "Self-intelligence networks will fundamentally change existing business and operational models for operators, building the digital era's connectivity foundation, sustaining industry competitiveness, and supporting the telecommunications industry in achieving energy conservation and emission reduction, contributing to global sustainable development."
Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, said, "The deep integration of the global digital economy and physical economy is flourishing, and the communication industry is showing a trend of large convergence, computing power, and models. Accelerating towards Level 4 self-intelligence networks can reconstruct interaction modes, system capabilities, business processes, and integration modes, enhancing the value of the telecommunications industry."
Yang Chaobin, Director of Huawei and President of ICT Products and Solutions, expressed, "We need to reshape interaction modes, business processes, integration modes, and system capabilities to achieve value leaps such as scale enhancement of operational efficiency, shortened time to market, improved user experience, and enhanced operational efficiency, truly helping operators achieve strategic goals for Level 4."
Looking towards the future intelligent era, businesses will become more diversified, and network scale and operational complexity will grow exponentially. Advanced self-intelligence networks have become the necessary path for operators to address challenges and achieve transformation. At the same time, breakthroughs in technologies such as large models inject new momentum into the self-intelligence network industry, accelerating the transition to advanced self-intelligence networks.