Huawei and an Indonesian telecommunications company jointly unveil Indonesia's first 5G smart warehouse and 5G innovation center.

March 7, 2024
Latest company news about Huawei and an Indonesian telecommunications company jointly unveil Indonesia's first 5G smart warehouse and 5G innovation center.
[Indonesia, Jakarta, March 8, 2024] On March 7th, Indonesia's largest telecommunications operator, Indonesia Telecom, and Huawei Indonesia held the unveiling ceremony for Indonesia's first 5G smart warehouse and 5G innovation center in the capital city of Jakarta.
The unveiling ceremony was chaired by Huawei Indonesia CEO Guo Hailong. Ismail, Director-General of Resources Management and Equipment at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Indonesia, Yindu Luo, Network Director of Indonesia Telecom, Derek, Marketing Director of Indonesia Telecom, and Mahendra, Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association, unveiled the 5G smart warehouse. Attendees included representatives from Bandung Institute of Technology, Telkom University, and other industry partners.
Ismail praised Huawei's 5G smart warehouse as both an industry precedent and a model of ecological cooperation. The benefits generated by integrating traditional industries with 5G technology in real-time and seamlessly will benefit a wide range of industries. This requires concerted efforts from ecosystem partners to promote Indonesia's digital transformation.
Guo Hailong emphasized Huawei's commitment to helping the Indonesian government and industry partners seize the opportunities of digital transformation. He stated, "At last year's Sholo 5G Summit, we pledged to promote the development of the 5G ecosystem with industry partners. The completion of the 5G smart warehouse demonstrates the value of 5G technology in empowering traditional industries in Indonesia."
Yindu Luo stated that Indonesia Telecom, adhering to Indonesia's vision of pioneering innovation to drive national progress, is committed to providing excellent connectivity, innovative solutions and services, and empowering Indonesian enterprise growth. The deployment of the 5G smart warehouse and 5G innovation center will usher in a new era of logistics transformation, enhancing logistics management capabilities and operational efficiency. With the strong support of the Indonesian government and the Ministry of Communications, Indonesia Telecom will collaborate with Huawei, industry associations, academia, and other relevant stakeholders to promote the development of Indonesia's digital economy and help the country achieve its strategic goals of inclusive and sustainable economic transformation.
The digital economy is playing an increasingly important role in driving Indonesia's economic growth. The development of the digital economy requires efficient support from the logistics industry. According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia's logistics costs accounted for 14.29% of GDP in 2023.
The 5G smart warehouse utilizes digital twins and real-time data analysis to optimize inventory management, prevent stockouts, ensure real-time communication between staff and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and ensure efficient transportation of goods. The intelligent security system, driven by video and infrared sensors, enhances warehouse security. In addition, Huawei's ultra-low-power 5G base stations require only 5W, equivalent to an energy-saving light bulb, greatly reducing power consumption and achieving green energy savings.