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ZTE ZXDU58 B121 Power System

Short Description:

ZXDU58 B121 is a high frequency switch-mode DC power system designed by ZTE. It is a built-in power system and can be put into telecom equipment’s shelf to save space.

Based on leading proprietary and standard technology, the system rectifier is designed with high reliability, high efficiency, well electromagnetic compatible and is easy to maintain.

The power status information system allows the remote operation center to reduce, prepare, and prioritize site visits. The system and the rectifiers are fully complying with international standards.

Product Detail


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ZTE ZXDU58 B121 Power System4

Key Features

* LVD protection, extending battery backup time of the important loads
* Provides AC auxiliary output
* Intelligent air cooling with low noise
* Supervision mode, RS232/RS485/Dry contact
* Hot-swap rectifier modules
* Front access design for easy installation and maintenance


GSM/CDMA mobile station
Microwave repeat station
Satellite BTS station
Transmission equipment
Ground satellite transceiver stations
Other small/middle capacity situation
Requiring reliable –48V power supply

System technical feature


Parameters Description
AC input
Rated input voltage 220Vac single-phase
380Vac three-phase (optional)
Input voltage range (phase to neutral) 80 ~ 300Vac (45~66Hz)
Efficiency (rated input, full load) ≥90%
Power factor (rated input, full load) ≥0.99
DC output
Output voltage range (-42 to -58)Vdc, adjustable
Output current (full configuration) 120A (full load at >154Vac)
Output breaker Max.output 6 breakers(6-63A)
Battery input 2*100A breakers
Protection OCP, OVP, UVP, OTP
Safety standard IEC60950-1
Environment requirement
Operating temperature (-5 to +50)℃
Storage temperature (-40 to +70)℃
Relative humidity 10% to 90%RH
Dimensions and weight 396.1 mm x 482.6 mm x 350 mm (Hx W x D), 38.1kg

Rectifier Technical Feature

Parameters Description
  AC input Input mode Single-phase/3-wires (L/N/PE)
Input voltage Rated voltage: 220Vac; Fluctuation range: 80Vac ~ 300Vac
Input frequency Rated frequency: 50Hz; Fluctuation range: 45Hz ~ 66Hz
Input current( maximum) 10A
Efficiency ≥90%
Input power factor ≥0.99
DC output Output power Rated output: 1500W ; Max. output: 1915W
Output voltage Rated output: 48Vdc ; Adjustable range: 42Vdc~58Vdc
Mechanical specification Dimensions 134mmx87mmx290mm(H x W x D)
Weight 3.5kg
 Applicable standards Electrical safety IEC 60950-1
EN 61000-6-1(immunity,light industry) EN 61000-6-2 (immunity, industry) EN 61000-6-3(emission,light industry) EN 61000-6-4(immunity, industry)

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