One Stop Telecom Power Solutions

Professional technical team

Engineer Director: Professor Zhou

Professor Zhou has more than 30 years experience of telecom power support service from Vertiv ( old name is Emerson) before he became our company’s outsourcing technical engineer. He always find a better solutions for the project case and inspire us by his energy, even more than 70 years old, still powerful as young. 

Engineer --Du Xiaokai

Technician: Du Xiaokai 

After serving in the army, he joined the company in 2003, Talented and creative is his distinctive feature. His professional and technical win customer recognition.

Technician - Zhou Xiaoyue

Technician: Zhou Xiaoyue
She is one of the most technical woman in telecom power supply with 7 years experience, hardworking and quite familiar with power system.

Sales Team: Young, Energy and Passion,High level education