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Netsure 2100 Series 40A/60A-48V DC embedded power system 3KW high efficiency 19 inch subracK for telecom power supply

Short Description:

*Ultra-compact sub-rack power system– delivers up to 3kW in 1U rack space

*Wide operating voltage range i.e. 85-300VAC

*Higher rectifier efficiency up to 95.4%

A*ll the breakers and connections are accessible from the front side Integrated distribution outlets

*Advanced intelligent battery management system

*Built-in communication & dry contact ports that enable remote monitoring

*Stores up to 4000 alarms

Low audible noise under normalload and temperature conditions

Product Detail


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The NetSure 2100 series is a high-density DC sub-rack power TM system designed to deliver up to 60A power capacity for network access applications. It is embedded with industry leading rectififiers in conjunction with advanced controller that deliver unprecedented performance as well as high endurance against harsh and demanding environmental conditions. It has integrated distribution outlets that enable direct plug-in for various networking devices.


Distributed Antenna
Systems (DAS)
Radio Access Nodes - 3G/4G/5G
Wireline Access Nodes - FTTx


System Configuration

NetSure 2100 A31-S1TM NetSure 2100 A31-S2TM NetSure 2100 A31-S3
System Capacity 40A 60A 60A
Rectifier 2 x R48-1000e3 3 x R48-1000e3  3 x R48-1000e3
Controlle M225S M225S M831A
AC Distribution L + N + PE/220Vac 1 X 30A;quick-plug terminal  
Battery distribution 1 x 30A 1 x 50A(battery cable connection via terminal block at rear)  
Load distribution(switch type breaker) 1X20A.2X10A 2X30A.1X10A.1X3A 2X30A.1X10A.1X3A
Installation Method Embedded  
Dimensions (W X D X H) 482X240X436 in mm  
Weight (kg) <4kg (excluding rectifiers),<0.6kg for a rectifier 

Electrical Parameters

Performance Parameters Description
input VoUage 85-300Vac
Input Frequency 45*65H
Power factor 0.99
Output Voltage -42.3 to 57.6 Vdc
Output Current 0-52A
EMC Class ClassB
Operating Temperature -40 ° C ~ +75 ° C (derated above 45 ° C)
Storage Temperdtore -40 ° C ~ +70 ° C
Altitude <4000m (derated more than 2000m ) 

Rectifier Module Parameters

Model R48-1000e3
Maximum Power 1000W
Maximum Current 208A@48V
Pedk Efficiency 954%
Harmonics <5X
Wei〇ht <06kg
Dimensions 52mm (W)«152mm <D) * 41mm (H)
Model M22&S M831A
Local Ot$play LCO with push buttons and siatus LE&s
Web Interface No Yea HTTP/HTTPS(IE.Chi
Commur>»cdtion port RS232 Ethernet
Alarm Relays 2(6) 4
Digital Inputs 0 2

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