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ETP48150-A3 Embedded power system

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Etp48150-a3 embedded DC power supply system realizes the conversion of AC input to stable 48V DC output, and is compatible with 15a and 30A rectifier modules, with the maximum output current of 150A. Each functional unit adopts standardized size design, supports hot plug, system height 3U, supports standard 19 inch rack or embedded cabinet and other installation methods. The system can adapt to a wide range of AC input, with intelligent battery management, remote monitoring and other functions.

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ETP48150-A3 Embedded power system



Monitoring Unit SMU01A

Monitoring Unit SMU01B

Monitoring Unit SMU01C


1. 85-300vAC ultra wide AC voltage input range.
2. Working temperature range of rectifier module: - 40 ~ + 75 ℃.
3. The power module supports hot plug, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
4. Standard installation structure design, strong universality.
5. Compact power structure, space saving and installation cost saving.
6. Efficiency of high efficiency rectifier module is more than 96%, energy saving and emission reduction.
7. Perfect module sleep function to further improve system efficiency.
8. Intelligent battery management and battery protection to extend battery life.
9. It supports environmental monitoring and can realize remote control through dry contact, serial port or network interface administration.

Application scenario

Access network
Transport network
Enterprise communication network


Product type ETP48150-A3
System Dimensions (w × D × h) 482.6 mm(Hanging ear) × 255 mm × 130.5 mm
Weight ≤ 15 kg(Without rectifier module)
Temperature control mode Natural heat dissipation
Installation mode 19 inch rack or embedded cabinet installation
Line mode March forward
AC power distribution Maintenance mode Pre maintenance
Protection level IP20
Input system 220 / 380 VAC three phase, compatible with 220 VAC single phase, 110 VAC double live wire
Input voltage 85–300 Vac,Rated voltage:220 Vac
frequency 45–66 Hz,Rated frequency:50/60 Hz
Input empty -
DC distribution AC output -
Output voltage 42–58 Vdc,Rated frequency:53.5 Vdc
Maximum capacity 8 kW
Battery Input 1 × 100 A/1P
Load power down 2 × 12 A/1P, 2 × 20 A/1P, 4 × 40 A/1P
Battery power down -
Rectifier module Type R4830G1 R4830N2 R4815G1 R4815N1
1600 W 1740 W 870 W 1000 W
Rated power (176–300 Vac) (176–300 Vac) (176–300 Vac) (176–300 Vac)
Dimensions (w × D × h) 95.5 mm × 208 mm × 40.8 mm
Monitoring module Efficiency > 96% > 94% > 96% > 94%
type SMU01A SMU01B SMU01C
Communication port RS232, RS485, FE RS232,RS485

Environmental Science

Working temperature –40℃ ~ +70℃
(If it is used at an altitude of 2000-4000 meters, the maximum working temperature will decrease by 1 ℃ for every 200 meters of increase)
Storage temperature –40% ~ +70%
Relative humidity 5% – 95%(No condensation)
Height 0 – 4000 m

Note: the rectifier module with efficiency > 92% is optional

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