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Outdoor Power System TP48200A-HX09A7

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TP48200A-HX09A7 is an equipment cabinet developed by Huawei, adopting 19 inch rack and 85W/K heat exchanger and providing 15U user space, and can be used for housing wireless and transmission equipment in site. TP48200A-HX09A7 is used in class C environment for various outdoor scenarios.

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Outdoor Power System TP48200A-HX09A7-5


* High protection level:IP55
* Temperature control system built-in door, easy to maintain, clean and replace
* Strong anti-theft design: door embedded, hinge hidden, 3-point lock, door sensor and supporting padlock
* Can be stacked on top of TBC300A distributed battery cabinet


Outdoor wireless site
Outdoor transmission site
Outdoor enterprise communication network


Product Type TP48200A-HX09A7
System Dimension 650mm(W)×650mm(D)×900mm(H) (excluding base)
Weight ≤50kg (without rectifier module)
Cooling mode Heat exchange 850W
Installation mode Grounding\rooftop\wall against \stacking with battery cabinet
Cabling mode At the bottom, inlet/outlet downwards
Maintenance mode In front
Noise level Satisfied GR487, noise≤65dBA@1.5m
Protection level IP55
Battery space N/A
User space 15U
MTBF 200,000 hours
 Environment Operating temperature -40℃~+45℃ (+ solar radiation)
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude 0~4000m

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